Info Kiosks

ZPAS is a manufacturer of Info kiosks too!!!

 Depending on the Info kiosk location and the type of information to be displayed, we recommend different types of housing.

As far as the design is concerned, there are two types of Info kiosks: multi-element and single-element.

Additionally, Info kiosks are divided according to the installation method: standing, hanging or mobile, and according to their location: indoor or outdoor ones.

Multi-element Info kiosks can be easily modified. For customized applications with the use of printers, barcode scanners, additional shelves or external cabinets, the structure needs to be changed, which requires modifying the specification as well.

In case of single-element Info kiosks, any changes in the structure are much more difficult, and very often impossible. Mobile kiosks can be additionally equipped with external keyboards.

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