About Us

G&E Electronics Ltd. is based in Malta and was founded in October of 1983 as a small family run concern. Its main area of activity was the importation and retail of electronic components for the domestic market, which at that time was limited to television and audio equipment.

Eventually, this activity grew and the company had to move in 1989 to its present larger premises occupying an area of over 1500 square metres. This growth was due to participation in areas where electronics was taking domain of the market. It is sufficient to mention industrial electronics, informatics as well as research and design. An increase in inventory had to follow course and in association with leading manufacturers, suppliers as well as catalogue companies, G&E Electronics Ltd. , could offer for immediate sale more than 150,000 items. This made G&E Electronics Ltd. the leading company in Malta in these sectors.

With the introduction of our own website endorsed with e-commerce as well as acting as a hub for re-export in European and North African Countries, we intend to expand our activities in the ever expanding electronic market.

All this has been achieved by our young and dynamic staff whose interest is making G&E Electronics Ltd., a household name to its clients.